Shagga Screw-up?

Article from the Scan online, Lancaster Uni's Student Newspaper.

Just a quicky.


The new plans for the sugarhouse seem disasterous to me.

The article points out only two changes, both of which are the quirks that made that place different.

1) The second room was a totally different experence to the main room, allowing for two seporate nights to occur allowing for a wider mix of music tastes. This will be taken away.

2) The quiet room was teh social room for the club. Those people who didnt fancy the Loud blareing music in the main rooms tended to go here for the experience and the chance to meet people and socialise over danceing. This will also be taken away.

Seems to me like someone wants to do plasic surgry to a place that simply needs a bit of a make over.


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Anonymous said...

does this mean that there isnt going to be a rock night at the sugarhouse now?!?!?!? if so that just leaves hustle (toast if you actually into that sort of thing!!!) and carleton which costs a bomb!!!
sooooooooo not fair!!!