92 transferring numbers slowly bricking my iPhone

After just under 2 weeks of having my iPhone I have a problem. That is I have made the foolish mistake to transfer my old number from my orange phone to the iPhone O2 sim. The problem being that there is some sort of fault which has no resolution date, nor any way in which I can check to see if it is solved.


Thus I have had over 2 days worth of bricked iPhone. NOT HAPPY.


Looks like my first experience of O2 customer support is both good and bad.


Good. The woman who I spoke to was incredibly helpful and did everything that she could to resolve my issue! And I will get compensation. Time to plan beeding 02 dry.


Bad. She simply couldn't tell me anything useful. Communication is non-existent from the techys to the call centre support teams and as a result anything I really wanted to know couldn't be told to me. Thats nothing new really though... Most tech companies are like that.


Anyone else out there in the great wide internet having issues with this?

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