Failed Projects

As always, I realise as i look below, many of teh projects i think up simply fail. Even so I try and try to get one two stick, at the moment I have two and a half... I suppose.

1) Warhammer

For some unknown reason the nostalgia centered around warhammer has poped up its ugly expencive head once again. Im thinking about another dwarf army, but that may change to Elves or something.

Why am I doing this? I think its basicly to create something, an achievement which I can be proud of. Not figures painted to any great ability or level, but just complete and just good. We shall see what happens, and ive even got anne to join me so battles await!

2) Lancaster/Stoke Band Swop

Simple concept thats going to be a bitch to implament, if indeed it ever gets to that stage. Basicly I will plan and promote 2 gigs, one in Lancaster and the other in Stoke on Trent, with the aim to gain exposure for bands of both scenes in the oposite city. I think its a great idea, but will take ALOT of planning and as a result i may shy away from it.

Firstly i need to find out exactly what i need to do to convince the venue that i could plan a gig well enough to save a date for me i think... :S

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